Rane Revere and Mahogany Bliss

Mahogany Bliss , Rane Revere

09:51 minutes
Apr 21, 2010
rnRane Revere and Mahogany Bliss are nude on the sofa today, and they are here for some ass-licking action today! Mahogany sticks her ass into the air and Rane buries her face in it and starts licking away! She tongue-fucks Mahogany on the sofa and Mahogany loves it. Mahogany then wants to lick Rane's ass. Rane lays back on the sofa on her back, with her knees pulled way up high, and the camera zooms in on her asshole as Mahogany licks all over it. Mahogany loves the taste of Rane's ass, and licks and sucks on it while the camera gets in there and catches everything! After a thorough ass-job, it's Rane's turn to lick Mahogany's ass again. Mahogany lays back on the sofa and pulls her legs up, and Rane pulls Mahogany's ass-cheeks apart and Rane buries her face in there just in time for Mahogany to blast a fart into Rane's face - oops! Rane doesn't mind, and gets in there and keeps eating ass anyway. Rane gets Mahogany's ass all nice and juicy with the ass-eating, and you get a nice, clear view of it all. Rane then gets on all fours on the sofa and sticks her ass in Mahogany's face for a good tongue-fucking, and you get to watch from all different angles. Truly a fantastic clip by a couple of hot, ass-eating lesbians that'll have you beating your meat for a week! Read more...


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